Ayisha Modi Drops Latest Chat With Moesha, Reveals She Needs Prayers (+Photos)

Ayisha Modi has shared her latest Whatsapp chat with actress and Instagram model Moesha Boduong on social media.

The chats suggest that Moesha Boduong is recovering from whatever she is suffering from and she is able to have a conversation. Moesha recently announced that she had seen Jesus Christ and had repented as a born-again Christian.

Not long after, she was spotted in a viral video making confessions about her past life and how wanted to take her life to end everything.

Moesha also disclosed that she had sold her cars and properties and was now using taxis and ride-hailing services for transport.

Later, it was widely reported on social media that Moesha had sold her properties to give to the church which helped her to repent. The reports which went viral also claimed that the church had taken Moesha to a secret place. This made Ayisha Modi go online to warn the church to release Moesha within 24 hours or face her wrath.

It was not long after her threats that Modi shared the chats with Moesha. In the chat, Moesha indicated that she was “healed in the mighty name of Jesus name.” She also asked Modi to pray for her as she recovers.


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