Date Rush’s Augustine Reveals His Ex-girlfriend Married Another Man Whilst They Were Dating

Episode 2 of Date Rush Season 6 left Augustine both dateless and nostalgic after recounting how his ex-girlfriend betrayed their love by marrying someone else.

According to Augustine, he came on the Date rush show to find love after his ex jilted him. Augustine is a TV and Radio broadcast engineer cum YouTuber who has suffered a hard blow to his heart. But he is ready to give love another try on the Date rush show.

“We started dating way back in SHS when I was at Tarkwa. After SHS, I left Tarkwa to come and hustle in Accra. She came, we had fun. I go to the office with her, I do everything with her. After a week, she went back to where she came from. And we used to talk on the phone each day and night.

“For about three days, she stopped picking up my call. And I was like, how? I tried calling her for about a week, she never picked up. So I told my friend about it, and we decided to go to where she is to look for her.”

His friend vouched for his story by revealing how the lady’s father broke the news when they reached her home. Her father informed them that his then-girlfriend had been affianced to another and is soon-to-be-married.

“In fact, I lost control. I even collapsed. And I spent about a week in the hospital. As you can see, I’ve grown very lean. This is not how I am. I am still suffering the impact of what she did to me. But I believe coming on Date Rush will wipe away my tears. And then I will get the opportunity to meet my life partner.”

Unfortunately, Augustine left the stage without a date. Dear Augustine, we wish you all the best in finding love because everyone deserves love.


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