Asem Disses Sarkodie In A New Freestyle Video

Rapper Sarkodie has been reigning for some time now in the music industry as a rap king while his ‘rival’ Asem has been off the music scene.

Some people are of the view that Sarkodie reigning as the king of rap is because Asem took a break from the music scene.

But in a recent freestyle by Asem on Instagram shows the rapper hitting hard at Sarkodie for labeling himself as the king of rap.

Asem mentioned ‘Kabutey’ in his new freestyle, a name usually used by Sarkodie and thew a few jabs his way.

“I am glad you finally brought the ball into my court bro. It took you 9 years and a beat battle on IG to reply me. Time to chop you up and eat you for dinner”


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