Artist Has Depicted Rapper 50 Cent In Several Ways Including Taylor Swift And Donald Trump

Artist has depicted rapper 50 cent in several ways including Taylor Swift and Donald Trump.

US famous rapper 50 Cent is excessively annoyed with a graffiti artist who keeps painting weird photos of him on street walls.

The rapper thought the trolling would stop with time, but it seems the guy just keeps on coming.

50 Cent shared several murals of the graffiti art through a period of time showing the insane pieces that the artist spay-painted.

According to Daily Mail, the artist is from Australia and has depicted 50 in several ways which include Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence.

Not only that, but the artist has also painted the rapper showing him without teeth, old with a massive bald on his head, and even depicting how he would look like a white person.

All this painting did not go down well with the rapper who kept on asking what could be the guy’s problem.

As much as he finds the painting crazy insane and nothing like him, the rapper also appreciated the man’s talent saying he does have great skills but did not understand why he was doing that.

Even though the man continues to create 50’s pieces regularly never lacking one that would definitely push the rappers buttons.

Recently, 50 Cent turned down accepting his firstborn son claiming he was not his and had stopped being for quite a while.

The rapper held a live chat with his fans in the comfort of his home and decided to face any questions head-on.

50 claimed he would rather call rapper 6ix9ine his son, who had just been released early from jail owing to the risk of contracting coronavirus.

When people pointed out 6ix9ine was a snitch who ratted out members of his fellow gang, 50 still said he is far much better than Marquise, his son.

When Marquise turned 18, 50 went on Instagram to celebrate the fact he would never pay the young man’s child support ever again.

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