Artcaffe Jeered For Offering Creatives With Free Coffee, Now Offers Money

Artcaffe chain of restaurants was yesterday blasted and jeered at by Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) for offering creatives with free coffee for a year instead of “more worthy” compensations such as money.

It all started on August 4, when the Kenyan based high-end coffee eatery and coffee shop invited willing creative artists to take part in their competition to come up with a creative design for their take-away coffee cups.

According to their call for action, they were looking for a design that is stylish, beautiful, inspiring, captivating and inspiring, and one tha also illustrates what Nairobi means to you.

In their own words, three winners for the most creative designs would ‘WIN BIG.’

In exchange for their creativity, they announced the brain behind the best designed art would be rewarded with free coffee for a whole year.

Then, the netizens lost it at this point.

Most KOT members did not take this free coffee offer lightly and thus the trolling, implying that the “gift” was “inadequate.”

The restaurant tried to explain that the free coffee was not the ultimate prize. However, nobody really cared after reading the line about coffee.

Artcaffe stated that there were more offers such as exhibition space in one of their restaurants for two months, something that would guarantee exposure for the artist or an internship with Artcaffe’s design team for 2 months.

The following are some of the reactions from KOT on Artcaffe’s free coffee offer:

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro was quick to agree with this lot:

On the other hand, her male counterpart Jalang’o and his like-minded crew thought differently of the matter:

“If you are not in the creative industry, you might troll artcaffe all you want and say how exposure is not enough. But kudos to art caffe for that chance you are giving out to these artists. But I would tell you, I personally were not for exposure and being paid with a packet of chips, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Jalang’o said.

Another Tweep backed him up:

It now appears that Artcaffe has had a change of heart and is now offering artists with Ksh100,000 free daily coffee for a year at the artist’s choice.

The artist will also receive a paid internship with the Artcaffe Design Team for 2 months in addition to an opportunity to exhibit and sell their art in one of the Artcaffe restaurants for two months.



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