Politicians Rule The World So Don’t Insult Them – ‘Dumb’ Archipalago Advises Ghanaians

Ghanaian singer residing in the United States, Archipalago Mufasa disagrees with the emergence of the youth, who, in their desire for improved government, fling uninvited insults at political leaders.

According to him, politicians have a lot of power and have the capacity to either ruin or preserve a person’s life, therefore the youth must modify their approach to change.

Archipalago’s counsel to the youth comes on the heels of several social media agitations in which many are casting aspersions on political leaders, particularly the President, for failing to fix the country.

Twene Jonas has become a social media phenomenon due to his ability to criticize and characterize politicians in derogatory terms. Archipalago feels the youth’s desire for change is valid, but the manner is plainly incorrect.

He asks for a change because these politicians, at the end of the day, have the ability to fix or unfix the system based on the resources at their disposal.


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