Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has revealed that he is busy looking for money to erect billboards in Kenya and Tanzania for yet another search for a wife.

According to him, the activity is costing him time so he was forced to pause his mission to locate a God-fearing, humble, hardworking and prayerful wife.

To him, this is a process he has to invest in properly and thus needs to secure the bag first for this cause.

“I am still looking to get a wife, the only thing that I am looking for is money for the billboards. I will put them everywhere in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi,” the wealthy singer revealed.

Contrary to many’s expected remarks from the singer, he said that his quest for a wife some months ago attracted him unnecessary attention.

He stood by the roadsides with a placard in his arms, calling “selling’ himself to the idea of acquiring a wife.


“I made a lot of noise during that time and I realized that i was trending all over Africa and not in a good way. It was becoming a lot of drama but soon I will come back with the drama.”

“I was even getting calls from Nigeria asking why the richest gospel musician in Kenya was looking for a wife!” He added.

If anything, Apoko is known for bragging and attention-seeking.