I Know You Leaked Serwaa Amihere’s Nvdes – A Plus Exposes Abena Korkor

Politician and entertainment pundit APlus, has pointed fingers at Abena Korkor over Serwaa Amihere’s recent brouhaha.

APlus who has recently been in a feud with Abena Korkor has accused her for Serwaa’s current brouhaha and allegations.

He did this in an encrypted message where he talked about how someone can enjoy herself and feel free to come and say it after smoking weed.

If we recall during his feud with Abena Korkor he mentioned that Abena smokes and that is what causes her to come out and say certain things to tarnish people’s image.

A Plus’ accusation of Abena Korkor being behind the ghost account who release all that damning messages about Serwaa Amihere read,

“There are women in this country who are free to sleep with whoever they choose to. They are even free to talk about it openly after smoking some cheap weed. Then such people turn around to create fake accounts to talk about who is sleeping with who and some fellow woman believe and share it in excitement. Which sensible woman will believe or participate in such foolishness!! Women empowerment my trumu!! Agyimifoɔ!!!

@serwaaamihere wo daa da!! When they sleep with men they use the money to buy weed and pretend they have bipolar!! Use yours to buy range and houses. You too it is your own body!!!”


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