“What Can A Female Pastor Tell Men?” Andrew Kibe Speaks On Size 8 Becoming A Pastor

While gospel artist Size 8 might be celebrating her ordination as a pastor this week, there are others who aren’t pleased for her.

The mother of 2 is the object of criticism by former radio presenter, Andrew Kibe. Mr. Kibe who was also a pastor in a former life has said that it wasn’t right that a woman should lead men in church, which Size 8’s new designation would allow.

In a rant on his Instagram page, Kibe said:

”I was like, ala, which church is this? Then naangalia nasema, the circus is here. Tuko kwa wajinga sisi wote. Tuende tu all the way mpaka mwisho mpaka country ichomeke yote. Pia nyinyi hamko serious. What kind of female pastor tells men? It’s high time men wake up…”


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