I guess you’re still trying to figure out who won the battle between Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono.

There are many people choosing sides but this analysis will bring all to rest. Let’s find out who the winner is, shall we?

1. Yaa Pono – “Noko”

It was done with a lot of background caution. Although he “pushed” Shatta, he was very cautious about how the “dance-hall king” was going to react. Lyrics was average, creativity was mediocre, the beat was ok. In all 5/10, just another diss song.


2. Shatta Wale – “Say Fi”

It appears as a product of rushed reaction. The reaction would have been predicted by any cursory observer. A Ga boy who doesn’t have the chance of “slapping” his attacker will definitely resort to using stronger “vulgar” words. Lyrics was average, creativity with the use of rhymes was cool, the beat was excellent. An above average diss song, save the “insults”, it could have passed for another Shatta hit. In all 6/10 for a diss song.


3. Yaa Pono – “Gbee nabu”

Excellent. Lyrics on point, beats on point, creativity was sharp, easy to catch the chorus and sing along. It is one of the best “diss songs” we have heard in Ghana so far. I will give him 9.5/10.


4. Shatta Wale – “One Man Killer”

Clearly, the “King” has been hit where it hurts most, Shatta is mellowed. He sings in patois and I can hardly understand. He sounded very hurt though and the usual Shatta-self was missing. I will give this diss song 4.5/10.


By outright decision, I declare Yaa Pono, the Kasahari lyricist the latest winner of the Gh Beef songs contest.

Credit: Nii Ayi

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