American comedian made fun of stivo simple boy and Kenyans are mad.

American comedian Roland Powell popularly known as Lil Duval is in trouble with Kenyans for a joke gone wrong.

Powell shared a picture of Kenyan rapper Stivo Simple Boy with a comment that appears to be trolling the Tuheshimu Ndoa hit maker.

In the post Lil Duval compared Stivo Simple Boy’s face to that of a black smiley face emoji.

“If 🌚 was a person,” wrote Lil Duval alongside Stivo Simple Boy’s photo on Instagram.

Nick Mutuma commented and wrote:

The dude you’re trolling is a Kenyan artist who makes conscious music, he just stays in his lane and does his thing, and that’s why we’re mad @lilduval.

Other Kenyans warned him and told him to stick to his lane.

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