American Comedian Made Fun Of Stivo Simple Boy And Kenyans Are Mad

American comedian made fun of stivo simple boy and Kenyans are mad.

American comedian Roland Powell popularly known as Lil Duval is in trouble with Kenyans for a joke gone wrong.

Powell shared a picture of Kenyan rapper Stivo Simple Boy with a comment that appears to be trolling the Tuheshimu Ndoa hit maker.

In the post Lil Duval compared Stivo Simple Boy’s face to that of a black smiley face emoji.

“If ???? was a person,” wrote Lil Duval alongside Stivo Simple Boy’s photo on Instagram.

Nick Mutuma commented and wrote:

The dude you’re trolling is a Kenyan artist who makes conscious music, he just stays in his lane and does his thing, and that’s why we’re mad @lilduval.

Other Kenyans warned him and told him to stick to his lane.

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