Amerado Crowned As Winner Of Rap Battle With Lyrical Joe

2,267 respondents out of the total 4,883 who partook in a GhanaWeb Poll voted for Amerado as the champion of the rap battle between himself and Lyrical Joe, the 2022 VGMA Best Rap Performer.

Lyrical Joe had 1,813 respondents rooting for him with some 803 respondents voting that both rappers were ‘not impressive’ in the lyrical battle that witnessed both parties releasing diss tracks targeted at each other’s brand and flow in rap music.


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After Amerado was crowned Best Rapper at the 5th edition of the 3Music Awards, Lyrical Joe released a song to express his displeasure at the organisers, stressing that even Amerado knows he did not deserve the award.

Although some expected Amerado to reply at the time, he refused to. He stated on ‘Kyibom’ that he was busy with his album, a reason he did not reply to the diss track. And now that he is ready for the war, he will not take it easy on Lyrical Joe, hence, the back-to-back diss songs.

Amerado has so far released ‘Kyibom’, ‘Ponky Joe’, ‘Sin No More’ and ‘Lyrical Josephine’.

Lyrical Joe, on the other hand, has released ‘Baboon’, ‘Mute’, ‘Kwabena Numbers’ and ‘Abaduaba Ameliar’.

Lyrical Joe – Baboon



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