Jamaican Album Headlined By Shatta Wale Submitted For Grammy Award Nomination

Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica: The Reggae Collector’s Edition headlined by Shatta Wale has been submitted for a possible Grammys 2021 nomination by the Executive Producer, Mr. Sean “Contractor” Edwards.

The power-packed musical collection on which top Dancehall musicians from Jamaica got featured is likely to get a Grammys shot once it’s reviewed and approved by the Grammy Awards management.

This is another good news for Ghana because Shatta Wale is a potential Grammys winner.

Headed by executive producer Sean Contractor Edwards of the Contractor Music Group, “Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica: The Reggae Collector’s Edition” is the definition of an album that should get GRAMMY-nominated.

Based off the sounds of Dababy, Capleton Sizzla, Peetah and Mojo Morgan of Morgan Heritage, Tommy Lee Sparta, Wayne Wonder, Shatta Wale, Singing Melody, and Elephant Man, Warrior King, Kip Rich, and Don Yute, the project already has enough mainstream musical firepower to draw the attention of any music fan who comes across it regardless of preference.

Also, the sheer impact it has worldwide warrants a nomination for the LP. First, It’s the first album. To go to #1 in all genres in Ghana, which is home to more than thirty million people. Second, the compilation got the top 10 iTunes Reggae album charts in 14 countries, including the UK, USA, Belgium, Qatar, Finland, and more. Finally, adding a Reggae nomination for hip hop superstar Dababy would be legendary for both parties and a win for the genre.


New artists being introduced on the project include the brother of Ed Sheeran Alonestar, King Tiger, Alistarr, VBlock Dutch, Jay Shephard, Ibru, Plan B Strik9 9, Skillibeng, Carey James, Melodio 10th Wonder, Krueschef, and Locx.

The producers who worked on the collection include Zj Dymond, BeatBopper Music, FLVR Records, Top Braff Entertainment, Kohanim Records, Contractor Music, Stand Up Music, Claims Records, More Love Music, and Golden Child Records.

A GRAMMY nomination and win for “Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica: The Reggae Collector’s Edition” would not only be for the advancement of Caribbean culture but music all over the world. To get a better understanding of why you can listen to the album by streaming it on any digital platform.

Ref: nycaribnews.com


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