Akua Saucy Threatens To Also Drop N*des Of Guy Who Leaked Her Photos

Akua Saucy, a Twitter lady who has been trending on the internet in recent days as a result of her viral n*de images and videos, which were posted online by a dude named @Kwaby Skrilla, who claims to have paid Ghc50 for each one, has threatened retaliation.

Akua Saucy has taken to Twitter to taunt the man who disgraced her after she broke her silence earlier today and revealed how heartbroken she is.

With her n*des still on several people’s phones and tablets, Akua Saucy has threatened to lower the guy’s as retaliation.

Apparently, when the man was paying to get her, she was getting it for free as a perk for the craziness she was giving him in the form of photographs and videos.

As things stand, several social media users are waiting for her to follow through on her attack, even though I doubt the guy would have the same effect.

Akua saucy threat


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