Akropong School Of The Blind Calls For Dismisaal Of Head Mistress For Treating Them Like Animals (Video)

A viral video of students from Akropong Akuapem School for the Blind pleading with the government to fire their headmistress due to unequal treatment has gone viral.

According to the pupils, the headmistress is mistreating them because they are blind.

According to the protesting students’ representative, the headmistress has been mistreating the blind teachers who are studying.

They said that the headmistress forced the school’s blind teachers to sleep in the staff common room rather than provide them with empty quarters.

This has prompted them to stage a demonstration against the headmistress, and they have given the government until Monday to replace her, without which they would create a commotion in the school.

Watch the video below.



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