Akothee’s Daughter, Vesha Hospitalized After Surgery

The past few days have not been easy for Akothee whose eldest daughter, Vesha recently underwent surgery.

Akothee who is known for many things among them her big heart and mothering skills did not go into the details of the cause.

The mother of initially 5 but now 6, yesterday updated her fans on social media of the tides in her life.

The fearless singer and entertainer admitted to being nervous about the situation. In an Instagram post, she shared a video of her and captioned it,

“Abit nervous today, my daughter is in theater for a surgery today , @veshashaillan she is in theater as you are looking at me right now , and I will be picking up Shadrack from the hospital today too, so I will be in between hospitals today ????????????????????????”

Shadrack Mwita (Akoth) is a young man that Akothee now refers to as her son. She took him into her home from the streets given the circumstances he was in at the time.

It appears that Madam Boss’s attempt to juggle the balls in her hands was bumpy as well.

Her second born daughter, Rue Baby looked after her big sister before their mother got to the hospital.

Mama Rue is a staunch believer. Once at the hospital with her ailing daughter, she and Rue sang a song of faith, read the Bible and prayed. In her own words, she has left the “rest to the Almighty.”


Later on, she shared photos of her and Shadrack after she picked him up from the hospital.

The young man is permanently disabled after a road accident in which he lost both his birth mother and leg when he was younger.

When Akothee first introduced Shadrack, he was on a wheelchair. But being the charitable and bighearted woman that she is, he is now back on his feet. With a prosthetic leg.



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