Akothee Reveals Orphaned Boy She Adopted Lied About His Family

Akothee has revealed that Shadrack, the disabled young man she adopted lied about any of his family members not being alive.

She reported that the boy she has clothed, fed, nourished and provided quality healthcare for has been lying to her right through his teeth for months.

According to the singer, Shadrack recently started exhibiting withdrawal signs as well as a noticeably change of his usually good mood.

He then went on to admit that his grandmother is alive and that he wants to help her.

When they first met, Shadrack told Akothee that a horrific road accident had cost his mother’s life and that he was left with no one.

Narrating how she found out about the lie, the philanthropist also shared an update on the boy’s improving medical condition.

He is now able to walk and perform heavy tasks as he is fully recovered from a prosthetic surgery he underwent a few months ago, courtesy of Akothee.

“Shadrack’s family reappeared in the picture and the pressure was too much for me to handle. Moving forward, Shadrack has his own rented house fully paid for a whole year,” she wrote.

According to the mother of five’s social media statement, Shadrack had promised his family that he was going to Mombasa to hunt for a job to support them.


So now that he is in a better place, he cannot keep eating life with a big spoon while his family suffers. He wants to go and build a house for his grandmother.

However, despite the betrayal she feels, she has vowed to continue supporting Shadrack.

As such, she says she is still evaluating business ideas to see which one suits Shadrack so he can set it up for him.

He wants him to be fully independent and to be able to support his grandmother.

The entertainer who is also known for her big heart gave up her one chance to be with her daughter Vesha who was ailing and required a surgery just to get to the hospital and have Shadrack discharged after he got his prosthetic limb.



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