Akothee Offers To Help A Mother Of 7 Who Was Left Homeless After Her Landlord Kicked Her Out

During this pandemic season Kenyans or rather some Africans have been forced to face the wrath of their landlords.

Most landlords do not want to hear nothing about COVID-19 leaving people jobless.

Well a lady believed to be from East lands was allegedly locked out of her house for delaying to pay Ksh 3500.

According to fans in the comment section, the lady had allegedly already spoken to a few reporters revealing that this was the first time her rent was late.

However, the landlord the did not care nor want her explanation as he kicked her out in the cold with her 7 children!

Akothee decided to help the mother of 7.

Having come across the story, mother of 5 and singer, Akothee decided it was her duty to help the single lady; since she understands what poverty is.

Through her Instagram page singer Akothee wrote saying;

PLEASE LANDLORDS COME SLOWLY ???????????????????????????? You haven’t felt pain if you haven’t seen change. some Landlords are worse than Corvid_19 can someone get me proper information of this woman and the Landlord.

From the photo circulating on social media, the lady is seen seated outside with her 7 children and the little belongings she managed to take from her house.


The photo has not only brought sadness but is a clear wake up call of the Kenya we now live in.

Every man for himself in good or bad times right? But thanks to the well wishers including Akothee; the lady finally got a new place.

Akothee on the other hand concluded her post saying;

I could host her in Rongo but the lock down; so we demand that she be taken back to her house with her children. we will pay those areas maybe it’s not even upto 10,000 ksh

We are told to stay indoors, and a mother is out with her children in the cold ,yaye ,yayee, yaye LANDLORDS GIVE US A BREAK ,ITS DEATH OR LIFE

It is very unfortunate that a time like this some people can be so heartless.

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