The thing about “little people” is that, it’s very hard to guess their age, it’s a blessing in disguise if you ask me.

One of Kumawood’s greats, Wayoosi, clocked 40 last year, September 15, 2015. Yes, we bet you didn’t know that.

Wayoosi made his fame and fortune from the Kumawood movie circles.

Schools attended

Wayoosi is an alma mater of the College of Arts at The Cabin in Kumasi. He was a painter by profession before the fame. He had his secondary school education at Kings International School, Kumasi.



Genesis of his career

Reports have it that Wayoosi considers Lord Kenya as his godfather. He claims Lord Kenya introduced him into the entertainment world by accepting him into his [Lord Kenya’s] dancing group called “Mabosa”.

This gave him a stepping stone in the entertainment world which will eventually make him the actor we know today after he was discovered by Justice K. Bentum, a Kumawood movie producer.