Afia Schwar Blasts Apostle Safo Kantanka, Calls Him Gay

As we all know, Afia Schwarznegger is one loud-mouthed person who can hardly be controlled or advised by anyone as she seems to be living in her own world.

The maverick brand influencer who is noted for making unpopular comments has done it again, this time targeting a very influential and respectable man in Ghana.

She has leveled some damning allegations against the Kantanka family saying Apostle Safo Kantanka and his son Kwadwo Safo Kantanka Jnr. are gays.

“When i tell you to leave me alone in private and you don’t… i will investigate you! Gay People “ She wrote on her Instagram page.

Afia Schwar also added that she is yet to see an intelligent person who drives any of the vehicles manufactured by Kantanka.

When she was asked why she is suddenly attacking the respected family, she said they gave platform for Mona Gucci to tell lies about her.

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