Adu Safowaa Blast Jackie Appiah “Your Career Is Not Admirable, Help New Actors”

Controversial socialite Adu Safowaa has shared a piece of advice to Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah after she became the topic for discussion.

Actress Jackie Appiah has been trending for days after the video of the external and internal parts of her multimillion mansion located at Trassaco was shared online.

Adu Safowaa Blast Jackie Appiah

While a lot of people are applauding Jackie Appiah for her achievements, socialite Adu Safowaa has a different opinion.

According to Adu Safowaa, the best thing Jackie Appiah can do for herself or leave a legacy behind is to help young actors and actresses to the top with her affluence. According to Adu Safowaa, Jackie Appiah’s legacy is not admirable or useless when other people cannot benefit from it. She questioned the actress who she has helped so far since she became an actress.

“What pushed Jackie Appiah now to show off what she has? Jackie, pls help some talented actors close to you gain movie contracts with your connections. The all about you makes your legacy not admirable. As of now, which actor can say because of Jackie, I made it? none. consider this”


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