Actress Suzan Haidamous Says There’s Nothing Better In Marriage Apart From Sex

Kumawood actress Suzan Haidamous has made some interesting revelations in a fresh interview making rounds online.

Suzan asserted that there is nothing wrong with someone having a romantic affair with a married man. She also disclosed that she has a romantic encounter with a movie producer who had a wife.

Suzan Haidamous

In a video shared by famous blogger Zionfelix, Suzan claimed that women cannot have one man for themselves and there is nothing wrong if the man doubles as another woman’s partner.

On whether she is still having affair with the producer, she replied negatively saying she ended things between them meanwhile they continue to live as good friends.

She went on to say, she doesn’t see the importance of marriage apart from intimacy between the two parties hence she continues to stay single.

Watch the full interview below.



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