Spiritual War In Kumawood? Actor Long Face Crippled, Narrates Story In Fresh Video

Popular Kumawood Comedian and Actor, Long Face has been left crippled and unable to walk.

In a video sighted by OMGVoice.com, he narrated the whole story on how he became crippled in an emotional interview.

Long Face said he had been invited by a friend to MC his wedding. Long Face indicated that the friend insisted on him to come grace the occasion even though he had previously contacted another person but later claimed that person was not funny.

Long Face said he agreed to MC the wedding for the friend. But before then, he also had to MC a birthday party for another person just the day before the wedding.

On the D day, Long Face indicated he requested a song from the DJ to make entrance into the venue when he felt a sharp uncomfortable pain in his right leg which pulled him down.

Those around tried to help him get onto his feel but all efforts proved futile and he could not walk again.


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