Can You Swear To Antoa That You Never Slept With Me? Abena Korkor Questions Sammi Awuku

Popular Ghanaian social media figure Nana Abena Korkor Addo, has added to the long list of guys she’s had bedroom experiences with, challenging the philandering males to come clean.

Popular media and significant political leaders in the nation, such as Kojo Yankson, KOD, and Sammi Awuku, are among those on the list.

In a video posted on her Instagram profile, Abena Korkor challenged the celebrities, some of whom are married, to confess to their spouses about their extramarital relations.

Reacting to Sammy’s Awuku’s denial that he never slept with her, Abena Korkor said: ”

You went to sit somewhere to say that I’m a mad girl. Can you go to Antoa with me and swear that you never slept with me?” she quizzed, adding that ”You went to sit on the radio to say that I’m a mad girl. I respected you so much.

Abena Korkor dared Sammi Awuku, who she claimed was given a platform to deny having the bedroom encounter whilst maligning her to own up.


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