Abena Korkor Demands Medikal Pay Her Millions For Using Her Name In A Song

Socialite Abena Korkor is not happy with rapper Medikal over his newly-released street jam with a title bearing her name.

The AMG Gang rapper released his ‘Abena Korkor’ song late last month and has since received massive airplay.

To make matters worse, the artwork of the song has a cartoon of Medikal and Abena Korkor herself holding a stack of money.

Abena Korkor cover

Parts of the song touched on Abena Korkor’s ‘kiss and tell’ attitude where she never hesitates to mention the names of some renowned figures she has allegedly had sex with.

“Medikal needs to pay royalties for using my name for a song. Medikal, wherever you are come and pay me for using my name in your song. You used my name and never told me. I woke up one morning to hearing ‘Abena Korkor wudi a meka’. I’m also going to use her for a song,” she said in a recent interview.


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