Abena Korkor Apologizes For Wrongly Accusing Giovani Caleb Of Chopping Her (+Detals)

For some days now popular Media General journalist and host of TV3’s Date Rush Show, Giovani Caleb has been trending after being exposed by UCC bad girl Abena Korkor for chopping her.

This followed a denial made by Giovani Caleb on an interview with delay that he had been intimate with Abena Korkor.

In a later development, Abena Korkor then shared a video and a long post to reply Giovani Caleb over their intimacy relationship he has denied.

Giovani Caleb has decided to finally address the accusation following his name being drag down by the public.

According to Giovani, Abena Korkor called him and told him that she was having a relapse and had been off her medication for a while now hence the reason for coming up with those names.


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