65 Year-Old Woman Marries 24 Year-Old Man She Adopted

A 65 year old woman is making headlines after she allegedly tied the knot with a 24 year old man whom she adopted.

According to news reports, the couple Mbah Gambreng (bride) and Ardi Waras’ (groom) Islamic wedding took place in Indonesia’s South Sumatra.

It is also revealed that Mbah adopted Ardi some time in 2019 and have been living together happily since.

According to Mba, it was very unexpected that she could marry her son. But when he proposed to her, she could not turn him down.

Mbah and Ardi
Mbah and Ardi

A local report alleges that the grandma told his son that it was time he got married.

To her surprise, he popped the question and it was directed to his “mother.”

“To my surprise, he said he wanted to marry me,” she is quoted to have said.

Ardi allegedly paid the bride price as per their customs where the groom or groom’s father gifts money or other valuables to the bride as dowry.

grandma marries
Newly weds Mbah and Ardi, Photo Courtesy

The couple exchanged vows in the presence of the presence of Mbah’s three adopted daughters.


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