7 Celebrities That You Shouldn’t Invite To Your Occasion

Our Nigerian celebrities have funny characters that make them who they are.

Now if you have an occasion in mind, remember never to invite these celebrities. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ooh.

1. Speed Darlington

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This one would come and start making grounds to shake like “Bengdedereng”

2. Ebuka

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For obvious reasons, you can’t invite this guy. He would steal all the attention and if it is a wedding, he would most likely steal your girl.

3. Masterkraft

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This one would just come and disgrace you, your family members and friends. He would wear rag and come and tarnish the image of your occasion.

4. Bobrisky

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This one would come and scare kids away. He would most likely start selling make-up for the people that came to your occasion.

5. Vic O

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This one would come and be looking for microphone so he’ll rap about how he’s on the same level with Jay Z and Drake. Don’t let him come near your occasion.

6. Kiss Daniel

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Can’t you see that he’s a fine boy? This one would straight up come and pack all the fine girls in your occasion. Even in his song, he said “no be you i carry come, but na you I dey carry go”. He has warned you and you still want to invite him?

7. Denrele

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This one would come and start selling wig at your party.

But if you must invite any celebrity, let it be Hushpuppi

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This one would come and be spraying money and dashing Gucci up and down.