40 People Who Locked Themselves In A Bar In Umoja Estate Have Been Arrested

40 people who locked themselves in a bar in Umoja estate have been arrested.

More than 40 people were arrested on Tuesday evening enjoying their drinks behind closed doors at a popular drinking joint in Umoja estate.

The merry-makers had locked themselves inside Harry’s Tavern along Manyanja Road in Umoja to avoid attracting unwelcome attention.


The group, including men and women, were comfortably enjoying drinks when police stormed in and cut short their merrymaking.

Some of them, however, jumped through the windows and escaped.

The arrested persons will be subjected to mandatory quarantine at a government facility for 14 days.

The arrests came just hours after Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe said he is aware of the cheekiness being exhibited by Kenyans to indulge themselves in drinking alcohol in the just reopened entertainment joints.

Abusing eateries.

Kagwe said they have received information about the abuse by people in eateries and are not adhering to the rules and measures that individuals are supposed to observe to be able to enjoy services in such places.

CS Kagwe said:

And it has indeed been abused, it’s a fact that people have been going to pubs, or to eateries, they order one sausage with two beers, anakula hiyo sausage moja na beer mbili.

He added:

Anatoka hapo anaingia hoteli ingine, huko anakula beer mbili ingine na sausage moja anaingia ingine anauliza chungwa ati sasa ni desert na beer zengine mbili. Now, my friends, what are you doing? Sasa hiyo ni kitu gani unafanya jameni?

(H/T Nairobi News)


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