Efia Odo Says Nana Addo Is Easily The Worst Ghanaian President In History

The actress has always been vocal when it comes to socio-political activism. She was heavily involved in the Fix The Country campaign which also saw her being arrested and bailed.

Regardless, it seems the actress is back to political streets to make her voice heard among Ghanaians. Via a tweet today, she twisted the popular NPP campaign slogan, “4 More To Do More” to say that “4 more just to do more damage, smh”.

After her tweet, she retweeted a tweet by a tweep that describes Nana Addo as Ghana’s worst President ever.

A Twitter user, @Daarkflames, in reply to her “4 more just to do more damage, smh” tweet, wrote

“easily the worst Ghanaian president in history. The cost of living in Ghana right now is crazy.. something must be done asap,” and she retweeted it.

She also retweeted another Tweet that said

“y’all need to continue voicing out cos the pain is felt by Ghanaians and not the ruling family. Nana Addo and his cohorts have misappropriated the state funds which has created a huge gap that needs urgent filling. This is why they are pushing so hard for the elevy”.


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