9 Amazing TV Series’ In 2018 You Should Be Watching Right Now

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Looking for something good to watch?

As usual, I have got your back. I have recommended too many movies and Tv series in the past that some people are now calling me ‘Philip The OMG Movie Geek’. But it’s okay. I’ll wear that title like a crown. I know that sometimes it can be hard to find something really entertaining to watch. There’s so much out there but not everything is awesome. Luckily, I am here to sieve the good out of the mass for you. Here are some latest TV series you should check out.

1. The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

You know about the Versace clothing brand very well but do you know much about its founder? This drama series which is based on a true story has a serial killer vibe. It’s not really a horror or scary movie, it’s just full of killings. It’s about Giani Versace, the founder of the Versace clothing brand and how he was murdered. Actually, the psychopathic serial killer, a guy called Andrew Cunan, is the star of the show, not even Versace himself. Before and after killing Versace, Andrew goes on to murder a few other people as well, including his lovers.  The acting is top notch and so is the plot. I highly recommend it.


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2. Black Lightning.

Black Panther might have received all the hype but there is another marvelous black superhero ruling the TV screens. If you’ve been yearning to see another black guy with superpowers, this series is for you. What’s even more awesome is that film critics have given it a score of 98% which is even higher than that of Black Panther. So what’s it about? A black high school principal who secretly has superpowers had decided to lay low when he realized his wife doesn’t like him being a superhero. She just preferred the normal life. But when the rise of the local organized gang called the 100 leads to increased crime and corruption in his community, he decides that his wife can go to hell so he goes back to being Black Lightning. There’s great entertainment here.




3. Grownish.

It’s a spinoff of Blackish but you don’t need to have watched Blackish to enjoy it. In fact, it’s more fun than Blackish so if you were bored by that one, you will like this one. In Grown-ish, Zoey, the Johnson family’s eldest daughter is taking her first steps into the real world as she heads off to college. The trials and tribulations she faces away from home are what make the series enjoyable.


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4. Unreal.

Unreal isn’t actually that new but it’s been under the radar. It’s now in season 3. If you love the type of series that have love affairs and scandals, it’s definitely for you.


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5. Jean Claude Van Johnson.

Remember action star Jean Claude Van Damme? He is back with a rather interesting series. The series explores an alternative world where Van Damme is actually a secret agent who goes for black ops missions and his entire film career was just a cover. That’s right. Imagine if Van Damme was pretending to be an actor all along and his real name was actually Van Johnson? The series has the intense action that Van Damme is known for and it’s also funny. If you are an action fan, you have to check it out.


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6. Caught.

Another thrilling ride for action fans. Caught is about a guy called David Slaney who escapes from prison and tries to hook up with his partner for one more drug deal. But the police are on his trail all along. Slaney has one last chance at freedom but in this tale of bravado and betrayal, nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted, even his former friends.


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7.Unsolved: The murders of Tupac and The Notorious BIG.

No, it’s not a documentary. The new drama series focuses on the mysterious murders of Hip Hop’s greatest superstars Tupac and Biggie (Notorious BIG) in the late 1990s. The 10-episode season gives viewers a peek into the friendship turned rivalry between the successful stars. It details how they were killed and how the police tried hard to solve the case but couldn’t manage.


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8. Seven Seconds.

In an era where tensions between black people and white people are high, this series is quite appropriate. Tensions run high between African American citizens and Caucasian cops in Jersey City when a teenage African American boy is critically injured by a cop. This crime drama explores the aftermath of the accident, which includes an attempted cover-up by the police department and a volatile trial


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9. The Oath.

Do you love Power? Here’s another awesome series produced by 50 Cent. The Oath explores a unique type of criminal gang that is made up of police officers. Only select police officers make the cut, and the gang members do whatever they can to protect one another from enemies — both inside and outside of their ranks. Definitely, a must watch.


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Bonus Tv series’ that you can also check out:

a. The Royals.


b. Waco.