20-Year-Old Orphan Says She Sold Her Newborn Baby To A Couple Because Of Hunger

20-year-old orphan sold her newborn baby to a couple because of hunger.

A 20-year-old lady identified as Miracle Kalu has been arrested for selling her one-month-old baby for $350 to a couple in Lagos, Nigeria.

Miracle, who is an orphan, blamed hunger for her action, saying she knew she would not be able to take care of the baby.

She could not take care of the baby.

Those who were conveying the baby to his new parents in Lagos were intercepted by policemen who were enforcing the coronavirus lockdown.

Miracle said:

I knew I could not take care of the baby because I am not working. I am an orphan. I was forced out of school when I was in Junior Secondary School 2 because there was no money to continue.

She added:

I was impregnated by a trader in Orlu. But when I informed him, he said I should terminate it, that he was not ready to face such responsibilities. In fact, he abandoned me.

She said she could barely feed herself, let alone an additional mouth. According to her, the baby would have died of hunger if she didn’t do what she did.

Cecilia Okafor, who was going to be the new mother of the baby, said she gave the intermediary $500 for the baby.

She said:

I have been barren for 15 years. I paid the amount because I was in dire need of a baby to call my own. I saw this as an opportunity to experience how it feels like being a mother and I also wanted to take care of the baby.

The baby was taken to a home and the police in Lagos confirmed that all suspects would be charged in court.

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