2-Year Old Baby Tugi Scoops Prestigious YouTube Award

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Having been born in a family where both the mother and father are funny people means the babies would follow into their footsteps; and so far baby Blessed Tugi seems to have inherited the funny gene from his parents.

At only 34 months, the young man has managed to scoop ‘The Silver Play Button Award’ which is given to YouTube content creators who reach or surpass the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Well guess what, Tugi is already at the 107k subscribers; and the views on his also confirm that fans appreciate and enjoy his video contents.

To mark this special milestone, his daddy – comedian Njugush recently went on to celebrate his son’s achievement in a short post where he wrote;

“Wapendwa! Another one!! The day couldn’t get any better!!!!! Blessed tugi on YouTube!!!!! Thanks sana wadau!!!!!
100 000 subscribers
Cc @celestinendinda”


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For those who have watched the few videos shared on Tugi’s YouTube channel; I bet you can agree that this small boy has the content creator genes running deep in his blood stream.

This is because he has not only proven to creative with some of his projects; but Tugi is also quite smart. He not only has a mind of a grown up but speaks like one – which makes him stand out among his peers.


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With a gift like that of Tugi’s – I bet by the time he is 18 years, he would have secured a whole future for himself with or without books. But truth is, his parents investing in his talent is the best gift they would give their precious son!

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