You Are Cursed – Ayisha Modi Says As She Shows Proof Of Obofour Sending Her Money

Ayisha Modi has once again enslaved Afia Schwarzenegger in the greatest one-sided feud of all time.

For as long as we can remember, Afia Schwarzenegger has been a social media annoyance, beefing with anybody without fear or favor – or shame.

She assaults people without thinking and will take you to the lowest depths of the gutters without remorse.

Ayisha Modi, on the other hand, appears to be her sole remedy. Ayisha starts dumping revelation after revelation in their continuing feud, and all Afia can do is swear.

Even the curses are being returned to the sender because it appears that Afia lied while sending the curses.

The comedian blasted Ayisha Modi after she claimed Afia begged Reverend Obofour for money to help her care for her children.

She made the disclosure in response to Afia’s criticism of Reverend Obofour’s appointment as chief by a Ga community.

Afia, as usual, was enraged with Ayisha and responded by cursing her.

Anyone who lies against her and her daughter by claiming they went to beg for money they did not beg for will be killed, according to her!

She prayed to the Antoa Nyama diety to slay whomever uttered such falsehoods about her.
Afia also stated that she will never beg Obofour for money since he does not even give Ghc 1,000 while sleeping with slay queens.

Ayisha has provided proof that Afia’s curses had returned to her since Obofour forced her (Ayisha) to give Afia money.

Check out her post down below.


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