VIDEO: DJ Whose Dreadlocks Were Shaved In Public Over Debt Speaks

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A city DJ who was recently shaved in public over debt has now given his side of the story.

DJ Godfrey Zawadi was earlier this week cornered by the boyfriend of his hairdresser in Komarock, pinned to the ground and shaved for failing to pay for dreadlocks services months later.

Speaking to a local publication, the DJ revealed that he knew the lady but had never met the men who attacked him.

He admitted that he had not paid for the services but was making plans to settle the debt.

“I had made a pact with Judy (the hairdresser) and yes I failed to honour my side of the bargain due to unavoidable circumstances.

“I was beaten up and I lost two phones and jewellery … I did not owe the men who roughed me up anything … I only owed the lady. Soon we shall set the record straight,” he said.

Adding: “I am doing well… I wish to tell young people out there that oftentimes friends will be with you when you party or oppress others but there comes a time when only family can stand with you,” he said.

DJ Zawadi has since recorded a statement at Kayole Police Station and is set to get new dreadlocks from the Roots and Dreadlocks Centre in Nairobi.


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Online, many netizens sympathized with the DJ and although they wanted him to pay for the services, they opined that the situation could have been handled differently.

Source: The Standard

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