Zari Plans To Have More Kids With Shakib

Socialite and famous businessman Zari Hassan has taken the step to meet the parents of her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya.

The former lover of Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has made it clear that she is ready to take his new relationship to the highest level.

“Shakib took me to see his parents and it was really nice,” Zari said.

Zari And Shakib

Zari and Shakib’s relationship has been criticized a lot, especially on the internet, the main issue being their age difference.

Zari is 42 years old while her boyfriend turned 31 recently. The mother of five, however, noted that Shakib’s parents did not indicate any problem with their relationship and noted that their meeting was good.

“He took me to see his parents and they were very nice, and I don’t even remember them complaining about the relationship,” the Ugandan said, adding that she will not defend himself at all.

Zari also revealed that she is planning to have more children with Shakib but noted that it is not because of public pressure.

This comes about three months after the socialite hinted at tying the knot with Shakib after revealing that her current boyfriend is planning to send a posa to his father in Uganda.

“Shakib told me yesterday that he wants to meet my father. He wants to propose marriage, he is ready to marry me,” Zari said in English in a video that was uploaded to Snapchat in September.

In that short video, the mother of five continued to throw jabs at critics of her relationship with Mr Shakib while proving to them that their efforts to separate them had failed.

“Those who said it will end in tears, go back to your healers and ask them to return the money, the magic did not work,” he said.

Before venturing into a relationship with Mr. Shakib, the socialite who lives in South Africa dated a Ugandan businessman identified as GK Choppa earlier this year.

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