Zari Hassan Finally Admits To Undergoing Surgery To Enhance Her Looks [Video]

Businesswoman Zari Hassan has for the first time opened up on undergoing surgery to enhance her looks.

Speaking to press after landing in Tanzania, Ms Hassan said that surgery is not a new thing and therefore people should be shocked that she underwent the knife to get a flat tummy. Despite making this public, the mother of 5 did not disclose the type of surgery she underwent.

“Unajua in Africa tunajifanyanga tunashituka, na hivi vitu tumevipata wazungu wanafanya, na surgery kufanya sio ati kwa ubaya na watu wengine wanachulianga in a bad way.

But ukiisema kwa kizungu its just to enhance yourself to look better, hakuna mtu anataka kuonekana vibaya, ama kuonekana na vitambi. So sometimes if its affordable and you can do it just to look good for yourself why not. Nimefanya surgery moja tu just for my tummy,” Zari Hassan said.

Zari Hassan

She also used the opportunity to clap back at critics – accusing her of being old but hiding behind cosmetic surgery to look younger.

“I’m very beautiful and I think this are just bitter women and don’t believe in themselves projecting their insecurities on me. You guys are seeing me live and I am very pretty. You can’t hide, if you are old you are old but in person I even look much better than my Instagram pictures,” Ms Hassan stated.


Zari also confirmed that she is in a new relationship

“Huyu ni mume wangu, case closed,”.

together during her recent visit to Tanzania – where she was seen grinding on her new lover at the launch of Juma Jux’s music video.


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In April Zari deleted all the photos and videos she had taken with GK Choppa an indication their relationship had ended and now she has a new catch.
Zari and her boyfriend were first spotted

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