Zari Defends New Boyfriend, Says ‘ Washamba Ndo Wanajua Mapenzi’

Diamond’s baby mama Zari Hassan has of late been spending quality time with GK Choppa, a fellow Ugandan based in South Africa, too.

Photos and videos of the two getting cosy have gone viral.

Zari’s fans believe the two are just friends working on a project, others maintain the two are an item.

Zai And New Boyfriend

In a video shared by the two, Zari and Choppa looked happy together, and at some point, he caressed her thighs.

In recent photos, the couple is seen out shopping. All this time, they are noticeably surrounded by bodyguards.

The couple can be seen posing for photos, while GK is gripping Zari’s derriere.

It is in this post she confirmed she is in love with GK after a fan trolled him saying he does not look good and that she should look for a romantic man as Valentines day is approaching.

“Mbona yupo kishamba hivyo? Tafuta ambayo yuko romantic tarehe 14 inakaribia.”

Zari responded to the comment in a way to suggest she is okay dating GK as he knows how to love.

“Washamba ndio wanajua mapenzi…”

Another fan identified as gasparmargwe318 wrote,

“Now you are hanging out with the new King bae!”

Source: Mpasho

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