Yvonne Nelson Is Considering A Career In Politics And We Say “Go Girl!”

This is Yvonne Nelson.


The Ghanaian actress and movie producer says she would venture into politics in the near future.


She is currently studying for a Masters Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).


Her desire to venture into the political landscape in Ghana is so she can use her voice to spearhead change in the society.

yvonne nelson politics
Yvonne Nelson at Dumsor Vigil

Her decision to consider a career in politics stems from the famous ‘dumsor’ vigil she spearheaded some years ago.


She said however that she was unsure of which political party to affiliate with.


According to her, John Dumelo is not the reason she wants to go into politics.


“Now, I know I really want to help the society, I now want to be that change in the society, help people and impact society in a positive way but then you need to align with one of these guys. But then, I don’t know and that is where it gets confusing and I won’t lie about it because we’ve all seen what is happening in the country and all the promises from both parties and we know what is happening on the ground. So, that’s where the confusion is,” she said in a Citi FM interview on Tuesday.


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