Your Juju Didn’t Work On Me-Amber Ray’s Ex Alleges

Amber Ray’s ex-boyfriend Kabba has thrown shade at the socialite for allegedly using juju to try to trap him.

Through his Instastories, Kabba says he is free like Nelson Mandela. Kabba had earlier explained that he broke up with Amber Ray because of normal relationship stuff, which he said she always had twisted.

“If you are doing something that is not right, then, you are like, ‘I want to be in control of their life.’ She got everything twisted, why would I want to control her life? She used to use my phone and block people on Instagram and I have never gotten into her phone.”

Amber Ray

Kabba also said that he was in the dark about how Amber Ray moved on from relationship to relationship and notes that he regrets what they had going.

“I don’t think everyone is surprised that Amber Ray has moved on if I knew the kind of person she was from the start. I would have never been involved with her. I don’t regret what we had, but it seems that she has moved on many times before,” he said.


This is not the first time Amber Ray is being accused of using Juju. A few weeks ago she was attacked by Nicah The Queen for allegedly using witchcraft.

“Something must have triggered it, definitely. I don’t want to mention any names but all I will say is that people should pray for their marriages.

A lot of people are going to witchdoctors (to get other women’s husbands) and that is the point I am trying to put across. It is happening left, right and center,” Nicah penned on her social media.

Responding to the claims during an exclusive interview with Amber Ray strongly stated,

“Look at my lifestyle, how many men do you think I need to fund me? I don’t need to use witchcraft to get anything in my life. God has been grateful,” she said.

Amber added that the topic always makes her shed a tear.

“That is a very personal and deep story to me and one day I will speak. I don’t want to be emotional right now. I don’t need to go to any mganga to get a man. I mean, look at me.”

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