“You Will Have To Pay 50 Million To See Her” Eric Omondi On Daughter’s Face Reveal

Controversial content creator, comedian and now turned humanitarian Eric Omondi has left Kenyans wondering after revealing the amount of money any individual will have to part with before seeing the face of his daughter.

”Face ya mtoi wangu itakuwa pesa mingi”

Eric Omondi rated the face reveal of her unborn daughter with his fiancée Lynne at 50 Million Kenyan shillings

”For me to reveal the face of my baby I must be paid 50 Million Kenyan shillings an the person who will pay me atakama ni magazine mtaionea hapo ”He revealed adding that the world will find it soo hard to his daughter’s face.

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The comedian also made it clear that 50 Million is a friendly price for the reveal since the country is going through tough economic times.

”Sura ya mtoto wangu ni ngumu sana kuiona nimeona nifanye bei rahisi ju econmy ni mbaya  so tufanye something affordable kama 50 million tuweke bei ya kawaida  saizi life ni ngumu wacha tufanye bear minimum.”

”Upatie mtoto 50 million we ukuwe wa kwanza kuonyeshana sura ya mtoi” Eric added.

Eric Omondi and his fiancée Lynne have today had an awesome baby bump shoot  dressed up like the ancient Egypt King and Queens.

Since revealing to the public that they are expecting again Eric omondi and his fiancée Lynne  have been doing unique things as they wait for the day when their beautiful angel  will be born.

Lynne reveled that they don’t intend to steal gender reveal ideas and cause problems like what was witnessed between Vera Sidika and Amber Ray in March this year.

“Gender reveal yetu hatucopiani, we will be very unique, and it will be a gender reveal you have never seen. It will be a big gender reveal because there will be something, we will be stamping,

As Eric Omondi sets a heavy price for the reveal of his baby’s face Kenyans are also waiting to see the face of Dian Marua and Bahati’s daughter Malaika.

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