You Need 5 Million To Secure A Collabo With Awinja After Valentine Song Went Viral

Former Papa Shirandula actress Awinja Nyamwalo, real name Jacky Vickie, has the music industry with a storm after her debut song went viral on YouTube.

The Sio Lazima hit, her first ever, has so far garnered 419k views just a day after it was uploaded on the streaming platforms.

The song exudes the forthcoming Valentine’s Day vibe and will be a good song to ridicule the lover’s day for those who will not have the most interesting occasion.

It is an hilarious number featuring comedians Mammito and Nyaminde aka Wilbroda both cameoing in screaming red church gowns.

While also opening up on her life, she admitted that she detested the area they grew up in. Thus, she did everything in her power to try and move her family to a better setting.

According to Jackie, theft cases and negative peer influence mostly dominated Guanga. In her attempt to lead an everyday life, the social media sensation reveals she developed extreme self-esteem issues as her normal would often be considered dumb.

Source: Jalango tv

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