‘You Know Me Because Of My Music,’ Trio Mio Steers Clear Of KCSE Grade Discussion

Young Kenyan rapper Trio Mio has once again told off those constantly asking how he performed in his KCSE exams.
The popular singer was among thousands of Kenyan students who sat for the secondary school exams in 2022, and many were looking forward to seeing how he managed to balance education and entertainment.

However, Mio has remained silent on his performance, close to two months since the results were released.

Trio Mio (1)

Asked about his performance, Mio was defensive, saying people should concentrate on his talent, which is the main reason many came to know him.

“Listen, leave me alone. Do you want to pay my university fees? You did not know me because of my education, you knew me because of music, and I know I’m good at what I’m doing,” a defensive Trio Mio said.

He added that it is his life and people should find something more important to focus on.

The young singer’s star came out while he was still a primary school pupil, showing flashes of musical talent that saw him hit the stage with a bang.

He has since grown both physically and musically, releasing several songs, including collabos that have topped the charts in the country.

He has worked with artists such as Mejja and Masauti.

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