You Can’t Fight For Me? Kamene Goro Questions Hubby’s Loyalty

During the latest episode of the podcast hosted by former Kiss 100 presenters Kamene and Obinna, an unexpected revelation from Kamene’s husband left her in shock and disappointment.

The conversation took an interesting turn as Kamene’s husband expressed that he would not engage in physical fights or risk his life for the sake of his wife.

The entertainer, speaking matter-of-factly, stated,

“I can’t fight for a woman. I respect myself… The woman should choose the man she loves,” Bonez said.

Bonez clarified that although he may not physically fight, he would still protect her. He explained that he could not understand why he would have to engage in a physical altercation, especially considering that he is not a fighter.

Kamene Goro

Bonez attempted to lighten the mood by mentioning renowned boxer Mike Tyson, emphasizing that protecting Kamene did not necessarily involve throwing punches.

“Nikiona, naweza kutetea, I can’t fight but naweza kutetea. Sasa nianze kupigwa mangumi hapo bure….I can protect you…. unajua watu wa kupigana ni kina Mike Tyson,” Bonez said trying to lighten the moment.

This statements seemed to have caught Kamene off guard, and her disappointment was evident in both her expression and her response.

“Now after we get married is when you are telling me you can’t fight for me? You can’t fight for me? I’m a bit distressed, I think we need to stop this shoot!” Kamene said.

Challenging her husband’s stance, Kamene questioned whether he truly loved her. She asked if he would not fight for her, even if another man made inappropriate physical contact with her.

“You can’t fight for me? Ety mimi siwezi pigania mwanamke? Even if another man touched my backside?” Kamene questioned her husband.

Looking for support, Kamene turned to Obinna, her co-host, to hear his thoughts on the matter and determine whose side he was on.

Obinna, acknowledging the tension, shared that he fights for his ladies and would protect them. He expressed his commitment to defending and safeguarding the women in his life.

Obinna found himself in an awkward position as tensions rose between Kamene and her husband.

While trying to remain impartial, he openly stated that he fights for his women and would protect them.

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