“You Cannot Breakup Today And Move On Tomorrow” Benpol Implies Ex Wife, Anerlisa Muigai Was Cheating

Ben Pol has been maintaining a low profile since his divorce with Anerlisa Muigai and this is because he had a few issues to settle with himself before getting back to his old lifestyle.

Speaking during recent interview – Ben Pol has opened up about the changes in his life now that he is a divorced man.

Among the many things he talked about is the fact that he still feels that his ex wife moved on abit too fast after their separation; something he also see’s as a red flag especially she claimed to love him.

Socialite Anerlisa Muigai with Tanzanian musician Ben Pol.
Socialite Anerlisa Muigai with Tanzanian musician Ben Pol.

After whatever happened in my personal life, in my opinion I felt that if someone was really in a relationship, that space and was really invested, you can’t end things yesterday and tomorrow you move on with life like nothing happened.

Well having married and invested in a woman he thought was the love of his life; the breakup did not go so easy for Ben Pol who also admits he had to seek help from a specialist – hoping to overcome his pain.

Speaking about his pain and how he managed to push through – Ben Pol said;

I had to cope and the copying mechanism meant I had to see someone who is a professional with those things. Got some counselling and what not…. So it’s true I was seeing a specialist, that I won’t deny.

Anyway for those wondering what went wrong between the two, turns out that Ben Pol has also been asking himself the same question.

According to him, he still can’t pinpoint one thing that brought down their love ship…but all he knows is that this was God’s plan.

I cannot pinpoint one thing and say this is what happened. It is the universe that allowed us to go separate ways. Both of us. I can say it was God’s plan.

As for moving on, well according to the Bongo singer – only time will tell whether he will one day move on or not.

I am kind of single. I have been busy working and traveling but I don’t know what to say. That question might not help people but yes am single.

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