Yassin Comedian Opens Up On How Mejja Helped Him After Father’s Death And Fire Tragedy

Content creator and comedian Yassin Comedian also known as Hitler wa South B has opened up on how life changed after his dad passed on and a fire tragedy that forced him to restart life.

Speaking to Commentator 254, Yassin revealed how things suddenly took a turn after the passing of his father and after a fire that burnt down his residence forcing him to relocate and begin a fresh life.

Yassin said the incident revealed to him his real friends as only few friends came through for him, he said some of his friends only used him in the process which sent a different picture to his fans who did not have a clue of what was happening in the ground.

“After the fire incident, I moved and I started trying different things here and there, some of my friends only used me so my fans used to only see me on social media but didn’t understand what I was going through,” Yassin said.

Yassin comedian

Yassin stated that he underwent a period of being in denial of how things had turned out despite being talented and famous. He however acknowledged several friends among them Mejja who came to his rescue during the tough period.

“Mejja reached out to me and told me he appreciated my work, but I explained to him my situation and he paid rent for me and my mother and also gave us a bit of cash which boosted us,” Yassin stated.

The comedian who was fated by Extreme awards in 2021 as the comedian of the year said he is determined to forge forward regardless. A staunch Muslim, the comedian said the art came to rescue him from the challenges of growing in the slum areas.

The comedian’s previous YouTube account with over 40,000 subscribers was hacked which forced him to open a new channel which so far has 9,000 followers.

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