Xtian Dela Claims Life Is In Danger, Reveals The Culprits

Xtian Dela has reportedly received death threats recently, in tandem with his family members; who he claims are also in danger.

The popular blogger, Instagram influencer & YouTuber went to the police station to report the incident & got himself an OB number to prepare himself for anything that happens.

Xtian Dela took to his social media to inform his fans about the threats, revealing the identity of the culprits who are after him & his family.

Xtian Dela

”Public notice!!! If I mysteriously die or disappear… If my any member of my direct or indirect family mysteriously dies or disappears. Let it go on record that Mr. @dmuchemi CEO of @Jambopay is responsible!! I am tired of all this. OB attached!”

The blogger went ahead to calibrate why he was receiving the death threats; stating that he was being forced back to social media.

Xtian Dela

”All I wanted is just a peaceful exit from mainstream social media… Why are these people forcing me to come back to fight for my rights??? It’s depressing and no one is seeing how this is affecting my mind…”

A few weeks ago, Xtian made a long video on why he decided to quit politics; one of the reasons he opined was Kenyans were ‘not ready for change’ since they weren’t giving him support.

Source: Ghafla

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