Women Flood Daddy Owen’s Inbox After He Listed Qualities Of His Dream Wife

Things are heating up in the DMs or so it seems. Gospel singer Daddy Owen who has reportedly been single for a while is hoping to find love again.

According to the father of two who has waited for close to two years since his divorce in 2020, a prayerful and less modernised or ‘Kienyeji’ lady is his best bet.

Owen while appearing for an interview with Milele FM listed a number of qualities he is looking for in a partner without giving any substantial reasons.

Daddy Owen

He says he is hoping to settle down with the lady and perhaps sire two kids. The woman should be dark-skin, in her late 20s to early 30s.

“Yes, I am now ready to settle within someone else… I want only 2 kids with her.. Nataka Awe: Kienyeji pure, mcha mungu, awe mweusi, should be in her late 20s or early 30s. Akiwa amefika Form 4 pia ni sawa,” Owen said.

In an update on his social media, he decried that women had flooded his DMs following his announcement.

However, to him most did not qualify as they fronted themselves as modernised.

“I said dark-skinned, watu wanakuja inbox ati melanin. Ukishasema melanin wewe si kienyeji,” he wrote.

Daddy Owen was previously married to a longtime partner Farida Wambui in 2016 before their bitter fallout in 2020.

The former lovebirds share two sons together.

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