Winnie Odinga’s Type Of Man; ‘Tall, Dark, Slim And With A Degree’

Winnie Odinga has opened up on the preferable features she would want in a man.

According to Winnie, a tall and dark man is ideal for her.

“You got to be taller than me, I am 5’10… you have to be dark, and like slim. He has to come with a degree,” Winnie said on Spice FM.

Winnie Odinga

She also shared important things that she looks for in a relationship.

“Trust, the ability to communicate, have discussions and sort of a platform where I can bounce off. All the work that I do, all ideas I come up with I need to check with somebody.”

Born in a political family Winnie says she does not see herself to be special than other members of the community.

This, however, makes it a challenge for a person of her stature to find genuine friends.

“It has always been a challenge even now. You find that children of politicians don’t trust people, they have become so skeptical because there is a lot of betrayal. You become cautious in how you deal with people,” she said.

The political strategist added that she meets a lot of people in her day to day activities, but has kept her circle small and does not share a lot of information with those who do not need it.

Off the murky political scenes, Winnie describes herself as an introvert, who enjoys time alone or with close family members. On an ideal weekend, she can just sit alone indoors and watch TV, or visit her parents.

She describes music, specifically Hiphop and Afrobeats as the things that make her happy.

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