Why TikToker David Moya is no longer surprising Mama Mbogas

In a recent interview with Eve Mungai, popular TikToker and dancer David Moya addressed speculations surrounding his shift in video content, specifically the reduction in videos featuring surprises for Mama Mbogas (market traders) and the less fortunate.

While it was a common occurrence during the early stages of his content creation journey, many have noticed a decrease in such videos, leading to assumptions that Moya has shifted his focus to his businesses.

However, he denied these claims, asserting that some individuals lack authenticity in their assessments. He revealed that he currently runs his own foundation, dedicated to assisting those in need in society.

Moya David
Moya David

Instead of simply surprising people on the streets as he did before, Moya’s foundation takes a proactive approach by identifying individuals in need and providing ongoing support. This approach reflects a long-term commitment to making a lasting impact.

Explaining his rationale, Moya highlighted that merely giving someone a packet of maize flour, for example, might not effectively address their needs in the long run.

Recognizing that he may not always be present to provide repeated assistance, Moya’s team conducts thorough background checks to ensure that individuals qualify for support. In cases of serious illness, the foundation verifies the information and personally visits the individuals in need, armed with necessary details, including their location.

“Most of the people out here are not genuine. Mtu anajifanya akona shida but hana. We look for individuals wenye they really need help. You see, when I come I will give you a packet of Unga and then I leave you like that. Nikikupatia unga leo kesho utapata wapi?

“So we look for those who we can support for a longer period. Kama ni mtu probably hana school fees, tunamsupport through Moya Foundation. We really do a background search tuna make sure this person really needs help,” he said.

Importantly, Moya emphasized that his intentions extend beyond seeking attention by donating items on the streets and then disappearing. He stressed the importance of maintaining a genuine and sustainable impact rather than preserving a positive image for appearances. When Moya initially filmed his videos at the marketplace, he always considered the lasting impact on the individuals involved.

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